Infrared Security Camera – Peekaboo, I See You, Even in Complete Dark!

If you have decided to purchase a security camera for your home or business, you will want to consider an infrared security camera. There are many advantages to these types of cameras, including the ability to take photos in total darkness. Other types of cameras, even low light cameras, need at least some level of light.

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By comparison, an infrared security camera can be placed anywhere, without the need to put it near a light source. This allows you to place the camera in areas where other types of cameras would be unsuitable, such as dark corners. This is important, because these types of areas often need the most security. Infrared security cameras are quite durable, and usually have a waterproof housing. This allows them to be used outdoors in any type of weather.

They also have their own built in light supply in the form of LEDs around the camera lens. As a result, no auxiliary lighting is necessary. These cameras monitor the light levels through a photo cell, and turn on the LED lights when it is dark. Photos taken in dark conditions, even with a color camera, will be in black and white, since this mode produces the best images under low light and no light conditions. If you use the same camera in the daylight, it will take color photos.

While infrared security cameras are very versatile at any level of light, they are not able to photograph through smoke. There are many different models and styles of infrared security cameras to consider. You will want to choose one that is a good fit for your particular situation.

If you are looking for an indoor camera, a dome style camera can be very useful. These non-obtrusive varieties can be mounted on the ceiling, to allow for 360 degree surveillance. This makes then ideally suited for indoor use in areas such as a store.

One thing you will want to note when shopping for an indoor camera is the range of the camera itself. If you choose one with a longer range than the inside of the building, it will not be able to take good photographs. Bullet style cameras are often a good choice for outdoor uses. This type looks like a radar gun, and is extremely durable because of its weatherproofed housing. They are very noticeable when installed in areas such as parking lots, which can help deter crime before it even happens.


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